ghd 無線造型夾-黑 UNPLUGGED


讓您隨時可從汽車、電腦、筆電或一般家用插頭插座,充電只需兩小時,即可連續使用長達 ​​20 分鐘。


  • 開機預熱時間僅45秒
  • 採用I2電池規格,電池更輕薄、使用壽命更長且供電更穩定
  • dual-zone獨家雙感應核心溫控技術,每秒微調溫度200次,完美維持185℃最佳造型溫度
  • 符合飛航可攜式電子裝置安全規範


  • 全球首創使用usb-c快充技術的無限造型夾,重量僅300g的羽量級機身,可裝入隨身化妝包輕鬆帶著走,同時依舊保有ghd卓越的185℃恆溫控制以及絕佳的造型性能,開機預熱時間僅45秒,造型使用續航可達20分鐘***,更可提升頭髮光澤度65%*,不論是車上或是電腦都可充電,隨充隨用不受時空限制,有線造型夾放家裡,無線造型夾帶著走,更無限的造型體驗、更健康光澤的完美秀髮、更值得信賴的專利科技,只有ghd才能超越ghd。
  • 獨步全球的新世代混合鋰電池科技,採用I2電池規格,電池更輕薄、使用壽命更長且供電更穩定,搭載ghd dual-zone獨家雙感應核心溫控技術,完美維持185℃最佳造型溫度,產品設計符合飛航可攜式電子裝置安全規範,輕鬆帶著到處旅行,即使上飛機也不怕。
  • ***實際造型使用續航時間會依個人髮長、髮況以及使用習慣而有所不同。
  • *相較於自然乾的頭髮,明顯提升光澤度。


Top up your style anytime and anywhere with the 1st ghd cordless hair straightener – the new ghd unplugged. With the guaranteed performance of a regular sized ghd styler for quick, sleek and smooth hair wherever you are, unplugged is your new handbag hair styling hero.

Portable and powerful, the ghd unplugged harnesses Dual-zone technology to ensure the optimum styling temperature of 185°C is maintained throughout styling, so you always have a good hair day no matter where you are. The ceramic-coated plates glide through hair snag-free to deliver salon sleek results with 65% more shine*. The compact and sleek design of the ghd unplugged is perfect for quickly styling soft waves, sleek styles and chic texture whether you have last minute plans or a back to back schedule.

Featuring hybrid co-lithium technology, the ghd unplugged is powered by a bespoke lithium-ion battery to deliver long-lasting power and luxury ghd performance. Charging in just two hours from your car, laptop or plug socket to deliver up to 20 minutes of continuous use**, on the go styling is quick and easy with the ghd unplugged. Flight-friendly and complimented by a chic styling case to protect your straightener after styling, unplugged empowers you the feeling of a good hair day wherever you are.

Quick, easy styling with no strings attached – courtesy of the ghd unplugged hair straightener in matte white.

*technical testing vs naturally dried hair

**Exact run time depends on your hair and styling habits

***Other charging ports and outlets: time may vary

†In line with IATA guidelines on carriage of portable electronic devices. ghd unplugged is not recommended for use during flights



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